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Adevinta Meetup sobre Machine Learning Solutions

Adevinta Meetup sobre Machine Learning Solutions
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Te dejamos el video de nuestro último Adevinta Meetup sobre Machine Learning solutions con Didac Fortuny y Ana Solaguren-Beascoa.

Video aquí.

  • Primera charla: Machine learning in drug discovery de Ana Solaguren-Beascoa Negre (Data Scientist en BenevolentAI)

Drug discovery R&D is still a huge challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. It is expensive, has a high percentage of failure in programmes and this translates into a high societal cost. In this talk, we will give an overview of the world of how the BenevolentAI platform is trying to improve and speed up the process of drug discovery by using machine learning in different areas, focusing more in the area of chemistry.

  • Segunda charla: How to boost your SEO in an smart way using Machine Learning de Didac Fortuny (Data Scientist en InfoJobs)

In this use case of Machine Learning we present how InfoJobs has improved its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Natural Language Processing techniques by generating an internal link structure of the site, using word embeddings to find relationships between search terms. Thanks to this implementation, InfoJobs was able to significantly increase its visibility in search engines.

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