Adevinta ASA (ADE) – Repurchase of shares by Adevinta ASA

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Oslo, 3 June 2022 - Please see below information about transactions made under the buy-back programme for Adevinta ASA.

Date on which the second tranche buy-back programme was announced: 6 April 2022

The duration of the second tranche buy-back programme: no longer than 28 June 2022

Size of the second tranche buy-back programme: up to 6,000,000 shares

From 25 May 2022 until 2 June 2022, Adevinta ASA has purchased a total of 531,859 own shares at the Oslo Stock Exchange at an average price of NOK 72.63 per share.

Aggregated overview of transactions per day:

DateAggregated volume
(number of shares)
Weighted average
share price (NOK)
Total transaction
value (NOK)
25 May 202283,50464.78735,409,999
27 May 202285,37371.26056,083,723
30 May 202286,44974.50156,440,580
31 May 202286,87775.84546,589,221
01 Jun 202295,05575.60287,186,424
02 Jun 202294,60173.11446,916,695
Previously disclosed buybacks
under the 2nd tranche programme (accumulated)
Total buybacks under the 2nd tranche programme2,703,63768.9421186,394,536

The issuer’s holding of own shares:

Following the completion of the above transactions, Adevinta ASA owns a total of 6,769,387 own shares, corresponding to 0.55% of Adevinta ASA’s share capital.


An overview of all transactions made under the second tranche of the buy-back programme that have been carried out during the above-mentioned time period is attached to this report and available at and




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Adevinta ASA (ADE) - Repurchase of shares by Adevinta ASA | Adevinta Spain
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