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Job Description

LEBONCOIN is hiring !

Looking for a job is an important part of life, and leboncoin helps more than 2 million French people every month. As part of our expansion in this area, the leboncoin Group is launching an active search for a Business Analyst trainee.
Join our dynamic team and play an active role in the strategic development of our company. You will be working in the Strategic Job Marketing department, where your role will be to contribute to the development of the job and training market.

This internship offers you a unique opportunity to put into practice your skills in competitive analysis, strategic recommendations, project management and KPI analysis.

For information, we are looking for people who are bilingual in French and have a good level of English. 

Main tasks (non-exhaustive) : 

-Competitive research and market analysis:

Carrying out in-depth competitive research into the employment and training market in France and internationally.

Constant monitoring and benchmarking of competitors' practices.

Passing on relevant information to all levels of management and all teams involved in the employment strategy.

Develop a clear vision of the competitive environment and the market to guide the company's strategic decisions.

-Strategic recommendations:

Drawing up strategic recommendations based on an in-depth analysis of the issues identified.

Implement these recommendations in collaboration with the relevant teams.

-Project management and monitoring:

Managing projects from start to finish, coordinating teams and ensuring deadlines are met.

Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensuring that projects are running smoothly.

Regularly liaising with relevant departments such as legal, product, technical, communications and finance to ensure effective collaboration.

-Monitoring and analysing leboncoin KPIs:

Monitor the activity and performance of le boncoin's jobs and training vertical, including turnover and audience.

Analyse data to identify trends, opportunities and challenges, and propose corrective action where necessary.

Qualities required:
-Analytical mindset: You must have the ability to collect, analyse and interpret complex data to understand the market, identify trends and formulate relevant strategic recommendations.
-Curiosity and open-mindedness: Being constantly on the lookout for changes in the market, competitors' practices and new technologies is crucial to proposing innovative and appropriate solutions.
-Communication skills: You will need to be able to communicate your analyses and recommendations effectively to a variety of audiences, both in writing and orally, in a clear and concise manner.

Additional information: 

-We are looking applications accepted from Bac +2 level 
-Based in Paris (IIe) 

-Mobility within France for occasional meetings
-Remuneration commensurate with level of education/experience
-Partial teleworking possible

Interview process :
-1 telephone interview with Lydia (HR)
-1 face-to-face or video interview depending on availability with Marine Le Juste (Operational Manager) 

-2nd interview by video or in person, depending on availability, with Camille Giustini (Manager) 


Life at Adevinta comes with its perks! Our Adevintans enjoy the following benefits:

  • A 24/7 Employee Assistance Program for you and your family, because we care.
  • Win together, lose together is one of our key behaviours. At Adevinta you will find a collaborative environment with an opportunity to explore your potential and grow.

On top of these, we also provide a range of locally relevant benefits. Wanna know more? Apply and ask our recruiters!
6-months tnternship Business Analyst Emploi leboncoin (M/F/N) | Adevinta Spain
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