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Job Description

We are looking for a Software Engineer with a strong generalist software engineering background. You should be able to work with different programming languages, design solutions, develop our application architecture and implement new features. Versatility is key to us!

As an Engineer, you will be a technical reference and act as a guide for your teammates to help them do their best work. You will set the standards for your team to follow and propose improvements to processes and practices and tools to make the developer experience at Subito better for everyone.

At Subito you will collaborate with Product Owners, UX designers and Software Engineers to deliver compelling user-facing products. We take a DevOps approach, so you will automatically deploy and monitor your services to identify issues before our customers do. We move fast with a no-blame approach. Deploy with courage, and if you break it then fix it!

Typical Day In Subito

  • Catch up with your team in a stand-up meeting.
  • Share updates with other engineers from across the company.
  • Work on the stories in your sprint.
  • Check the health of your applications. Do you have problems? Don't panic!
  • Swarm with other engineers to find a solution.
  • Test and deploy.
  • Monitor your changes as they go live.
  • Review the code of your teammates.

Key Responsibilities

  • Own the entire development cycle together with the cross-functional team, from requirements specification over implementation, test automation, quality assurance to deployment and monitoring
  • Contribute to the team's work with clean, maintainable and testable code and participate as well as lead design and code reviews
  • Actively contribute to and shape business, culture and ways of working
  • Participation in on-call rotation 


  • Minimum of 3 years of experience implementing REST API.
  • Deep knowledge in at least two programming or scripting languages: Go, Python, Ruby, Java.
  • Confident with event sourcing and apache Kafka.
  • Confident with RDBMS like PostgreSQL and MySql as well as NoSQL DBs like Redis, Cassandra.
  • Knowledge of TDD and DDD methodologies.
  • Knowledge of common microservice architecture patterns like dynamic service discovery, circuit breaking, bulkhead.
  • Confident in designing the architecture of new services
  • Strong sense of responsibility on all sides of the product, not only at an API level.
  • Knowledge of software version control systems and tools, eg Git
  • Familiarity with docker
  • Fluent in English


  • knowledge of docker and container system in general
  • experience in continuous delivery strategies
  • experience in profiling and debugging performance issues
  • knowledge of common web development patterns: MVC, ActiveRecord, Dependency Injection and Clean architecture.


  • Competitive compensation package
  • Opportunity to shape the way we work. Your feedback and opinions are valued at all levels of the organisation
  • Benefits including stock purchase plan and annual bonus plans
  • Flexibility to work when and how you want - flexible hours, autonomy to set your own agenda, choice of phone and computer
  • Smart Working Policy - work remotely some of the time, balanced with time in the office together with your team - between 5 and 45 days per quarter in the office depending on each team.
  • 'Work from anywhere' weeks - up to four weeks working from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection!
  • Career development, including language classes and Adevinta Academies: specialised content built by our experts on Machine Learning, Agile, Leadership and more
  • For each working day, you will be eligible for a €8 meal voucher., You can use our local provider Fitprime to maintain physical well-being., You will receive 250 euros on the welfare platform after the birth of your child